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Born in 1973, Maribor. Graduated on Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, University of Ljubljana. Studied at the Philosophical Faculty. In high school, Ales was also Tito and Zois scholar. Two time champion in electronics (Yugoslavia) and three time champion in electronica in Slovenia. Established programme movement New Storming in Weimar, 1995. Established Center for positive revolutions, cultural estethic forum, 1996.

Theatre plays

Antigone, Sophocles
New Antigone, Sophocles
Russia, FM Dostoevsky
Orpheus descending, T Williams
Frogs, G Strnisa
Hamlet, W Shakespeare

Video project


Study movies

Night in hotel, B Svent
Milagros, B Svent


Door to Door Man (script, producer, director)


Mister Smej

Music videos

Rurala – Walkdo
Frame – Monsters
Freaks of Friday – Suzie likes to shoot

TV Commercials

AMIS telecommunications
Revolutionary Robotics
St John International University Turin

Director of production company MAMAFILM